RO​SS Coaching


Hello beautiful hearts!

I'm Karleen

Certified Life Coach with a focus on mental wellness and woman empowerment

I work with women to strip back the layers of pain, expectations and self doubt, 

 to build healing, find your voice, your confidence and learn self love.

When you live a happy and healthy mindset, the world is a better place around you 

and those you care about.

Focusing my practice on woman empowerment and mental wellness was created from my own painful past of childhood trauma and battle with depression.

I am also the mother of  a son who battled mental illness as a teenager 

and who continues to champion through these struggles daily.

Self doubt is easy. Not trying is easy. Giving up is easy.

But if you can find the strength to push through, learn your value to this world, 

and to choose living life over simply surviving, 

nothing can get in your way of who God intended you to be.

Your circumstances and life challenges, do not define your ability to succeed.

All you need to do, is  get out of your own way.

I work with women and young people to become leaders, chance takers and dream makers.

I've  learned fundamental skills as a life coach which has helped me to create

my own successful coaching program.

I have also completed certification in Relationship Coaching 

and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for depression and anxiety.

I know what it's like to not want to get out of bed and to feel as though

I'm in a big dark hole being swallowed up, not caring to see another day. 

It's hard work to pull yourself out of that dark place.  But progress and change won't happen without putting in hard work.

Despite the challenges life has thrown my way, I am proud to know 

that I have pushed through the pain to create the changes in my life I've dreamed about.

I've launched my business, written my first book, and host my own successful podcast,

to which no one believed I could.

I realize having big dreams doesn't need approval from others, it only needs

your commitment of persistance and belief in yourself.

My passion is working with you.

My purpose is helping you create positive and transformative change to live your best life.

What to expect by working with me...

I offer tough love with warm intentions.

Expect me to be direct and to hold you accountable while being your biggest cheerleader!

My coaching program will empower you with confidence and give you the fearlessness to live your best life unapologetically!

As a Certified Life Coach, I will work with you to  create a custom plan tailored to your needs.

My areas of expertese are Personal Development, Relationships and Mental and Spiritual wellness.

I work with my clients to:

 Build strong self confidence

Be decisive with decision making

Set strong boundaries

Enhance, repair  relationships

 Restore trust

 End toxic behavioral cycles

Develop coping techniques that manage anxiety

Create change in thinking patterns 

*plus many more areas of need...

With life comes great possibilities!