RO​SS Coaching


I'm Karleen

Certified Life Coach 

I​ became a life coach because as the owner of a passion party business, I was consistently being asked for advice around love, relationship challenge​s and ho​w to cope with feeling overwhelmed. I had many conversations with the most amzing women from all walks of life.  Looking back, I realize that during these  shows, I was coaching  my clients without even realizing. These women would follow up with me and thank me for the advice I gave them. 

I became fascinated with the ability to help others build their self confidence, break down barriers and live a life they truly enjoy. 

I registered with the Robbins Madanes Coaching Program, created by the master of coaching, Tony Robbins.

There I  learned fundamental skills as a life coach which also helped me to build 

my own successful coaching program.

I have also completed certification in Relationship Coaching and CBT  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

for depression and anxiety.

The path to include specializing in mental health was created from my own painful and unforseen journey of being a parent of a teen that struggled with mental illness, which then later,  also became my story.

My passion is working with you.

My purpose is helping you create positive and transformative change in your life.

What to expect by working with me...

I offer tough love with warm intentions.

Expect me to be direct and to hold you accountable while being your biggest cheerleader!

My coaching program will empower you with confidence and give you the fearlessness to live your best life unapologetically!

As a Certified Life Coach, I will work with you to  create a custom plan tailored to your needs.

My areas of expertese are Personal Development, Relationships and Mental and Spiritual wellness.

I work with my clients to:

 Build strong self confidence

Be decisive with decision making

Set strong boundaries

Enhance, repair  relationships

 Restore trust

 End toxic behavioral cycles

Develop coping techniques that manage anxiety

Create change in thinking patterns 

*plus many more areas of need...

With life comes great possibilities!