RO​SS Coaching

Karleen Ross

Certified Life Coach - Barrie, Ontario


Coaching & Counselling Services

We help you find your voice, give you the resources and support to heal, learn to set boundaries and build happy, healthy relationships.

Did You Know?

People who invest in themselves with a Life Coach professional reach their goals and aspirations 88% more 

than those who don't.

Find clarity and purpose

Become clear about what you want to accomplish. Set goals and measurable expectations, then put it into action for maximum results.

Voi​ce Up!

Find your voice. 

Learn to speak with confidence and without the fear of displeasing others.  Use your voice and stay aligned with your personal values,

Build strong, healthy relationships

Create strong awareness of your emotions and be confident expressing  them with sincerity and intent. Learn to set boundaries and take control of your life.

The truth can be hurtful....


Life could care less what your struggles are.  

People will love you while you're "surviving" - but hate you when you're "thriving."

Voice Up: Stop allowing people to steal your joy.


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