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Karleen Ross

Certified Life Coach - Barrie, Ontario


Coaching & Consulting Services

Empowering women to find their voice, intentionally create inner peace and be bold in their greatness.  


Love - Lead - Grow

Invest in yourself because you are worth it!

Now is the time to work on YOU!

You deserve  to invest in learning  how to love and care for yourself, building strong healthy relationships that add value to your life and becoming a confident, happier version of yourself that will lead to all of your biggest successes.  It's time to focus on your overall well-being to love, lead and grow!


Find clarity and purpose

Become clear about what you want to accomplish. Set goals and measurable expectations, then put it into action for maximum results.

Support Mental Wellness

Nurture your mental wellness.

Learn how to work through difficult situations and past trauma in order to acheive true happiness and inner peace.  Learn also how to cope and support loved ones who struggle with their mental wellness.

It's within you to live and bring brighter days.

Build Strong & Healthy Relationships

Love isn't supose to hurt.

Create strong awareness  and understanding of your needs while learning the fundamentals of building healthy and happy relationships that will positively impact your life.

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