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Finding HER

Women's Group nurturing wellness

Finding HER is a Women's Empowerment Group created with the core value of nuturing women's mental wellness  and to live  her life with passion and true inner peace.

Our members support eachother and come together with conversation, share resources, provide structure and help to discover new ways of  using our energy and purpose to harvest healthy relationships, build success in business, careers, motherhood,  and all areas of life impacting a woman's  world.

Join me for weekly online conversations 

about all things that affect our mental wellness.  

We will discuss a variety of topics  such as: 

> Ending relationships in a healthy way
> Life with a narcissist
> Healing childhood trauma
> Loving yourself for yourself
> Setting healthy boundaries
> Getting over a breakup
> How to handle people who trigger you
and much more....


($15 per month = $180 Yearly)

~ Access to online community discussions
~ Access to personal Q &A
~ Access to motivational content
~ Access wellness newsletter
~ Access to booked events and activities
~ Membership sales and promotions

When women are healthy, (physically & mentally), confident and driven

life is in good hands!

Become a member of our movement to empower women from all walks of life.

Join our sisterhood today!