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Choose the program that's right for you ~ And let's get started!

About my programs...

I'm so excited to work with you!  

Taking this first step to direct your life in the way you have always  dreamed about, is a pivitol turning point in your journey. 

Most people think about it, talk about it, but never be about it.

I believe that personal  and measurable transformation takes dedication, guidance and time.

That is why  I offer my  1:1 coaching programs  with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

All sessions are 60 minutes each.

Packages + rates available:

3 months - $720

6 months - $1,400

12 months - $2,600

Individual sessions - $120

Urgent Unscheduled Session- (20 min ) $80

I promise, your transformation is just around the corner!!

Extended packages are available at any time.

Payment options available:

One-time upfront payment

Individual and Urgent Unscheduled sessions are billed before each session

Developmental Coaching

1:1 coaching virtual

60 min per week

The most important investment you can make, is in yourself.  My Personal Development Coaching plan focuses on you. Your needs, your goals, your growth, your intensions.

I will create a custom  plan that will help you discover your inner strengths and turn them into your super power.  I will work with you to build your confidence and create a strong sense of self awareness. Understanding what moves you and how to become open and ready to receive, will be life changing!

If you are ready to work with me to find out the core of what has been holding you back from living your best life, and to commit to the process whole-heartedly,  this package is for you!

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Fundamentals

1:1 coaching virtual

60 min per week

Every relationship has it's own story and history. Whether romantic, personal, business, casual, or occasional,  sometimes relationships can be a challenge.  Often times, these challenges  can include poor co​mmunication, a lack of boundaries,  lack of confidence and feeling less valued.

I will work with you to learn effective communication, create healthy expectations, reclaim self confidence and understand your self worth.  Not all relationships are held at equal value. But you will feel empowered to make even the most difficult decisions.

Mental Wellness Coaching

For The Love Of ~ My Mental

 1:1 coaching virtual

60 min per week

When your mental health and wellbeing are struggling, coupled that with having minimal to no support,  life can become unpleasant and at times feel hopeless.

With my expertise in mental wellness and CBT training, I will work with you to learn effective coping techniques. that will become fundamental for daily use.

As well,  by practicing mindfullness, calming techniques and much more,  you will see and feel  measurable improvements.

I look forward to working with you!


Karleen speaks on mental health and wellbeing to audiences from any organization or event.  She speaks on the importance of living a healthy and balanced life. As well,

how to find support if you are struggling with your mental health or, working through supporting a loved one who is struggling.


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